Wrath Of Rovagug

Chapter 1
Filth Fever

Our adventurers met in a Harrow tent set up on the pier of Magnimar. They are a harrower’s apprentice (Alinza), a disguised drow blacksmith working in a small shop next door (Arizzio), a local rogue, thief, and drifter (Garett), and a hairless, alienated, dwarf monk (Orik). Shortly after arriving, Orik was called back to the Pathfinders Society for warnings about the dangers happening at night, while while Arizzio was called back by his crew because of trouble with the Apsis Consortium.

While still there the Garett was hired by Alinza’s master to help protect the shop at night since they didn’t want to have to leave town that night.

As the hour grew later (roughly around 8pm), Orick came back to have a harrow reading, relating to his current situation and his mission to find the cause of the nightly murders, and got some interesting results that he, sadly, didn’t quite understand. The card relating to him was The Wanderer. The three cards representing his past were The Cricket, The Tangled Briar, and the Courtesan. For his present the three were, The Juggler, The Carnival, and The Emty Throne. Then finally, for his future, The Locksmith, The Unicorn, and The Crows. After hearing “betrayal” in one of the translations, he became somewhat paranoid.

Arizzio became bored of listening to the arguing between his captain and the Apsis Agent and walked back to the Harrow shop.

Shortly after he entered, a little ratty halfling (a lowly footpad in the Magnimar thieves guild) ran in with a letter for Garett (who happened to be a graduate footpad). For reasons no one could understand, Garett decided to read the message aloud (pretty well proclaiming himself a thieves guild member to all in the shop). The letter was an order to hunt down and kill a thieves guild agent that defected. This rogue thief happened to be a wererat who was quite hostile and tallented in the control of animals of his kind.

After the reading, Orik looked blankly at the man he thought was just a guard and said in the famous bluntness of a dwarf. “You are not a nice person”.

Garett gave him a similarly plain look as if to say,“welcome to the city country boy” But said nothing.

Shortly after, Garett discussed with the others in the shop (Master excluded) about going after this threat since the threat may be the escaped theives guild agent. And if it’s not, the removal of the cause would bring about a reward from the town anyway.

After the general agreement, Alinza cooked an eccelent meal to celebrate.

After the meal, Arizzio decided to sit to the side and wait for the investigation to begin. And fell asleep.

At about 9 pm, Garett headed out towards a call about sawtooth sabres. He noted immediately that the person selling them was an agent of the Apsis Consortium. Since the thieves guild are no friends of the Apsis, he decided he was going to simply take the sabres and whatever else may be worth stealing.

The Agent stated the price to be 200 sails each (200 gp). The whole time gloating how it’s a bargain price for such great and rare swords.

Garett knew the price was ridiculous since he had intimate knowledge of the blades of his god. He successfully convinced the agent that he’ll be back at midnight with the money to pay for these swords. Despite her reluctance (since even she didn’t want to be out so late), she agreed to his terms thinking him to be a great sucker for agreeing to such outrageous prices.

Garett returned to the Harrow tent to speak with Alinza. He discussed his plan to steal the swords from the Apsis agent across the way. Being more of the chaotic persuasion, and having no love for the Apsis Consortium, she agree’d whole heartedly to be the distraction.

At about an hour before the appointed time, the Agent sent her guards to return all of her merchandise to the warehouse except the two swords. With the two big, burly, and obviously simple guards gone, she was alone waiting their return and her now favorite customer.

Garett swiftly and silently moved across the dock to hide beside the target then gave the signal for the distraction. Once Alinza was hidden in the alley way and noticing the signal, she began to fire bolts of lightning at the front of the shop.

In surprise of being ambushed out of nowhere, the agent dived behind the counter and began readying her heavy crossbow. Alinza began running towards the side of the shop to hide there while the agent was starting to carefully peek out.

When Alinza saw the crossbow peeking out, she fired one more bolt of lightning to cut her off. At this bolt, the agent dived back behind the counter.

Once Alinza made it to the side of the shop, she cast a fire spell into the side of the shop then a cantrip to make a slight shadowy figure appear in the alley she was hiding. The Agent grabed and struck a sun rod, jumped out, through the sun rod into the alley, fired at the shadow, dropped the crossbow, drew a dagger and rapier, and chased after the shadow.

After the agent bolted out into the alley, Garett quickly slipped in, took the swords, then slipped back to the Harrow tent.

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